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A Few Clarifications!

Hello all! We’ve had a couple of questions asked about what we are looking for and when so here is a little clarification for you all.

First, we wanted to clarify what kinds of writing we are after. We are after Young Adult or New Adult. This doesn’t mean we won’t accept other kinds of work, but these are our preferences. As far as genre of YA or NA, we accept ALL genres INCLUDING paranormal romance, science fiction and fantasy. We like Sarah Dessen, Sara Zarr, Megan McCafferty and the like, but we also love imaginative stories that come from speculative fiction.

The second thing we’d like to clarify is the deadline for submissions! We accept submissions on a rolling basis. We hope to post once a week but understand that we are just starting out so we will be posting when we have enough submissions of quality work. We’d like to begin posting within the next two weeks so please send sooner rather than later if you’d like to be considered for the first issue.

Also, we are now on DUOTROPE! Here is a link to our listing so you can track your work:

We hope that clarifies a few things. We can’t wait to read your work!


Forever Onward! Review Staff

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Welcome to Forever Onward! Review. We are a brand new literary magazine!

We are pleased to announce we are currently accepting submissions for online publication on a rolling basis. Please see the submissions tab for more details. We look forward to reading your work!

Forever Onward! Review staff

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