Perfect Woman by John Grey

There was an android I made love to

and I remembered how, holding

its perfect body in my hands sometimes,

I felt a sudden longing for all the imperfections,

for the childhood hills with their hidden caves

and the silly girls who went with me there,

and the pop songs we hummed all the way

up those rocky slopes,

and how, in total ignorance, we still

attained a kind of graceful knowledge

of our bodies and ourselves.

And here was a woman that really did

come with instructions,

but the way I followed them

was nothing to do with her at all.

Such tenderness, such afternoons and evenings,

and me whispering over and over,

every name my tongue could sanctify,

none of them her company logo.



John Grey is an Australian born poet. Recently published in International Poetry Review, Chrysalis and the science fiction anthology, “Futuredaze” with work upcoming in Potomac Review, Sanskrit and Fox Cry Review.


Interesting Fact: I have been in every American state with the exception of Kansas.

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