The Pupil by Matthew Wilson

School sucks. Its summer

for crying out loud and I want

to be out there with the adults.

I hate history.

Who cares who won what war

when it was all so long ago.

I hate science when we learn how

to make explosives and gym has

gone down hill since Tommy

lost an eye.

Some of the other children don’t hold

back when teachers watch and tell

us to kill.

With what we’re facing and what our

forefathers declared war on, it’s good we

are learned to be killers.

But I wish I could play outside just once

before we go on the ship, and fight to the death

against those who would take this world from us.

We took it from the humans fair and square last time.

Matthew Wilson, 30, is a UK resident who has been writing since small. Recently these stories have appeared in Horror Zine, Starline Poets Association and Sorcerers Signal. He is currently editing his first novel and can be contacted at twitter @matthew94544267.

Interesting Fact: I’ve received 500 rejections in my writing career and can drink the better half of a beer keg without passing out.

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