Views From My Window by John Grey

Twilight squeezes stars

from orange rind;

horizon heads off the brain

at the eyes;

stars gather at the meridian;

constellations cloud together;

each look is a leap,

every breath a rocket stage;

you grip my arm,

nuzzle my neck,

thinking this will bind me

to the earth;

your love coalesces

like the Milky Way,

plays cute games

with my reach;

ah kiss, dream;

the journey into space…

everything must be possible

so we can stay the same;

John Grey is an Australian born poet. Recently published in International Poetry Review, Chrysalis and the science fiction anthology, “Futuredaze” with work upcoming in Potomac Review, Sanskrit and Fox Cry Review.

Interesting Fact: I have been in every American state with the exception of Kansas.

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