Bereaved by Emily DeMaioNewton

With my head resting heavy in my hands,

I weep, succumbing to overwhelming loss.

“It is no use—” you say.

“Crying won’t fix anything.”

 “No,” I respond.

But I am not crying to make it better.

I am crying because there is nothing else I can bear to do.


Emily DeMaioNewton is a seventeen-year-old introvert who moved to North Carolina a year ago with her parents and her younger sister, Hannah. She dances six hours a week doing primarily ballet and modern dance and was last seen performing as a Guide inThe Nutcracker Ballet. Before that, portrayed the leading role of Jeremy Jacob in How I Became A Pirate, a musical based on the children’s book, and she was a dancer in the musical Pippin.

Emily also enjoys playing the piano, acting, singing, filmmaking, and, of course, writing. Her favorite class in school is English. Emily uses writing to struggle through the maze of adolescence and help others, and herself, understand complex emotions. She won multiple bronze, silver, and gold medals at the MICCA music festival for band and choir performances. She has also performed as a piano accompanist for her choir and various soloists.

Emily’s favorite poems are “Sweetness” by Stephen Dunn and “Your Heart WILL Stop” by Marcella Medley. Her favorite books areThe Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and Paper Towns by John Green. She follows John and Hank Green on their YouTube channel, vlogbrothers, and is a proud Nerdfighter.

She could not live without air, water, food, books, or music. Her favorite band changes every day but she tends to enjoy bands from Australia, where she has never been but hopes to visit someday. Her favorite place in the world is Hawaii, where she visited for two weeks when she was twelve. She has been to eighteen states and four different countries.

This year, Emily became a junior scholar of Elon University and she was named the district winner of the national poetry recitation contest, Poetry Out Loud, which she considers her greatest accomplishment.

Emily would like to thank her parents, her kindergarten teacher Jeniffer, Ms. Parrish, and Sarah Worrest for their support and encouragement.



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3 responses to “Bereaved by Emily DeMaioNewton

  1. Christal Dionne

    Great job Emily!

  2. StarGirl

    You are truly talented!

  3. Rich Altringer

    WOW Awesome! Uncle Rich

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