About Us

Forever Onward! Review was established because we were sick of the same ol’ boring crap we kept seeing from other literary magazines. We like young adult fiction and new adult fiction. So do our friends. We thought, why not make a literary magazine catered toward what we like? So we did.

Who We Are:

Katie Karambelas – Publisher & Prose Editor:

Katie has her bachelor of arts in Media Studies with a concentration in Media Writing, particularly Screenwriting. Her fiction work has been published in Bewildering Stories, Prospective Journal, Down in the DirtThe Were-Traveler, Fiftywordstories.com, among others. Katie is currently working on her MFA in fiction at Cedar Crest College’s Pan-European Masters of Fine Arts Creative Writing program. Her favorite authors include Sarah Dessen, Richelle Mead, Suzanne Collins, Lauren Oliver, John Green and more. This is Katie’s first venture into publishing. She currently lives in NC with her son and dog.

Must-read book of the moment: Life as I Blow it by Sarah Colonna

Karen Forbes – Poetry Editor:
Karen has her Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in History from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Through an internship with Allosaurus Publishers, in Greensboro, NC, Karen assisted in the publication of a children’s fact book. Her favorite authors include Sarah Dessen, Holly Goddard Jones, Shauna Reid, and many more.

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